Dating a japanese sword

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I’m happy that you found this article because I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you factual insights and personal thoughts into the most iconic symbol of Japan’s culture, the Samurai sword. (yes, this is possible) Which swords typically gain the most value over time? (not true, only about 100 national treasures cannot leave the country) What key points should I look for when I invest into a Japanese sword? What is the difference between a katana, wakizashi and tanto? (well, Lots of interesting, thoughtful questions, of which and I once had (and still have! I first travelled to Tokyo from Montreal, Canada in November 1993, and up until 2011 made it my (our) home.It’s a little hard to explain, but a sword carries a sense of calmness, of focus, of limitless admiration. Spending almost 20 years in the country was a personal experience that my family and I won’t ever forget.Many of these swords were not considered as non-traditional made swords.Collectors view this as military relics just like Katana sword.Japanese Military Sword of the 1930s were mostly Western inspired.With the new nationalism swordsmiths were inspired to create traditionally made Japanese Military swords.

These Japanese Military sword has serial numbers on its blades.

This emblem represents the region where these swords came from.

Generally, these colonial swords were machine made with etched hamon and chrome plated blades. Some of these blades were machine made while others are made traditionally.

These swords are with straight double edged blade that has floral engravings.

The hilt and scabbard fittings are of gilded brass.

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