Dating an iranian women formula for validating dea number

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and they continue dating until they falling in love with each other and getting married or break up the relationships and start another one.In these families, once a boy and a girl fall in love, they will still have ‘Khstegari’ and ‘Namzadi’ customs.The ways boys/girls in open-minded families start dating and meeting each other is more or less similar to here, US.They meet each other in parties, friends’ groups, universities, etc.The fist category are ‘religions’ families who believed that their sons or daughters should not have any relationships before marriage.Sometimes this category also is refereed to as ‘traditional’ family.

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Conversely, for those religious families, ‘Khstegari’ is a formal request for starting a relationship.Such families are really difficult to interact with as they are in a transient state and even do not know how they should treat.The boys and girls in such families are the biggest victims in many situations especially for having serious relationships, dating, falling in love, and getting married.Having this attitude in mind, a probable question coming to mind is that so how boys and girls in religions families meet each other for the first time while they should not have any relationships before marriage?To answer this question I should explain a custom which we called ‘Khastegari’.

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