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If he had the choice, he would have taken meditation or first aid, since he already took similar classes, but he supposed the point was to do something different."The class you've been selected to participate in is the Penpal Project!

" Shanks announced happily as a few kids groaned audibly.

Watching him, Zoro felt like he was in a movie he'd seen before.

A moment later, the bowl had been filled, and Bonney placed the blue bowl on Shank's desk as well."There's an equal amount of participants," Shanks warned,"so whoever you get, you're stuck with, okay?

I know its just the first month of the college year, but it's best to get these things sorted as soon as possible, right?

There are a few of these extra curricular classes you could've been selected to take; sign language, meditation, first aid, and so on; but it was decided between your teachers which class was best suited to your time tables."Zoro nodded absent-mindedly.

He then selected a random name from the blue bowl, and after making a note of who got who, handed the student the name slip and a small card with the student's address on it. Shanks handed him the last card in the bowl."There ya go kiddo," he nods reassuringly.

North Blue was a boarding college like theirs, so the addresses were of the dormitories the student stayed in."Luffy," Shanks called after a couple kids received theirs. " he exclaimed, then started to write hurriedly in his notebook with a bright red pen. He wobbled over to Shanks nervously, and dropped the card the moment he was given it. Why, I once visited a village in North Blue populated solely by women! They all begged me to stay," he lied smugly, "but I didn't dare break their women-only tradition.""Ehh, that is cool! To the class he announced, "Now that you've all got your penpals, the information will be sent to the North Blue participants immediately; they'll receive an email tonight from their teachers about who their penpals are and a little about each of you, taken from your self introductions from last week's induction day.

That person came forward and stood next to his desk."West Blue College, as you know, is one of several colleges under the main international college, Grand Line International Education.One of our sister colleges, North Blue, has agreed to collaborate with us and create a penpal project, where students from both colleges can send letters to each other, learning about each other using an old method of communication to establish bonds." Pulling a slip of paper out from the fold of his cape, which hid the stump of his left arm, he waved it about."Here's a list of participants from North Blue.Usopp, surprisingly, arrived just as Shanks arrived in the door way, his curly hair flying loosely, and the teacher let him slide into the classroom.The long nosed teen took a seat just in front of Luffy, and after tying his curls back, the two of them shared an elaborate handshake."Right kiddos!

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