Interactive sex chatbot

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Bling is also equipped with a reminder feature that recommends gift suggestions when a date entered by the user is round the corner.Goldheart’s brand manager Iris Tan said the chatbot is part of the jeweller’s “long-term strategy” to diversify its customer base.

This is one reason why brands have embraced Facebook's recent announcement that it plans to support chatbots on Messenger.

Bots will most likely matter for top-of-funnel advertising because bots, like blogs and social media, have the potential to be important tools for consumer discovery.

Sephora and H&M have early examples of discovery-driven bots on Kik, allowing users to engage with the brand by asking for product tips and pictures.

Mondelez just announced its intention to invest heavily in new bots for Facebook messenger with intentions to focus on service, specifically e-commerce.

While it remains to be seen how many Oreos consumers will buy through bots, the company's e-commerce strategy illustrates that even brands that usually focus on top-of-the-funnel advertising are starting their chatbot experimentation with service bots.

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