James hewitt dating princess diana

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In contrast, Hewitt’s hair is a darker brown, with brown eyebrows and brown eyes.

Although neither Diana nor Charles were redheads, Diana’s brother Earl Spencer is, so Diana could have been carrying ginger genes.

Harry probably inherited this trait from his granddad Philip, who was a member of the Greek and Danish royal families.

The source – who asked not to be named – told Daily Star Online: “Some years ago I had a commission to do a forensic analysis of the faces of Prince Harry and Hewitt.“The only feature they have in common is their chin, and most features are entirely different.“To say they are both ginger is misleading.“Harry is blue-eyed, now strawberry blond with light brows and lashes, and a red beard. “Harry has the close-set Mountbatten eyes.“Harry has very small canine teeth which is unusual.

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