Updating 1970s homes Sex 3g chat

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I wasn’t planning on walking out to the garage every night to turn the lights on so the programmable switch was worth every penny!Several of you asked about how I feel about having windows on my doors.If you look closely you can see that the brick near the front doors is a different brick from the side door… We also cut back the Azaelas that were taller than the roof.It took me 7 quarts of paint to finally decide on colors.There will be no full shots of the outside of our house. I am only going to post a couple of close ups, I feel confident you all understand!

After a few consultations with Erika and the help of both sister-in-laws and my kind neighbor who came by to examine my handiwork on the garage, I finally decided on Clarksville Gray for the body and Texas Leather for the trim.As you can see there is a wall almost directly behind the side entrance with the flag print, so unless they have their face plastered to the door they really can’t see in.As for the front doors, if they walk up to them and ring the bell, then yes, they obviously can see in.We waited two years, which I know isn’t a long time, but for me, it seemed like we’d never paint.Our house had 3 different types of brick on it and every time I walked outside I could hear it crying for paint.

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